Is Justin Sun really willing to go down as the biggest liar in blockchain history? ...

in #appicslast year (edited)

... I mean we have had some sketchy people tell some tall tales in the past but this one takes the cake. Justin your new shiny blockchain was NOT attacked by "malicious hackers". It was secured by our voted witnesses to protect us all from YOU! Slow down kid, you really know how to mess up a good thing.


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Freakin crazy when I seen that tweet. shessssh

BRAVO!! Loved the last part "Common Cuz Quit Lying justinsun!!" Priceless!!upped 💯

But without Justin, who will protect us from the malicious hackers that showed up right after Justin did?

It is absolutely ridiculous how they went and spun the story.

His twitter proves he is blockchain ignorant OR a bold face liar.

Most likely the latter. I guess he never expected this sort of reaction.

I always appreciate your posting sir and resteemed your all posting


Super fantastic


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Amazing idea of the posting

This was great. I agree totally...You wanna cut the lock, whatever...But don't lie and misrepresent what really happened. Great points man!

Super fantastic


Lol awsome points, this is exactly correct and I'm posted in to my Twitter .. This dude is for real full of it and its obvious. But yea kinda evil genius also, this is now a huge deal in all of crypto and both chains are on the map like never before. Popcorn time 🍿...

Witnesses are hackers now soon content creators will be thief's according to Justin sun ... God save steemit

Fantastic post. Upvoted at full

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