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Winter Wood in Black and White [8 Photos]

By: @davidesimoncini


Today I would like to share on my blog a black and white post: I used some photos I took in the wood. The original photos were in a post I published 1 or 2 weeks ago. You can find there the color covers.


Vita Isola Leisure Farm's Island Living Vibe

By: @junebride


Three of our family members were born in February, perhaps the most number of celebrations for the entire family so we always make it a point to spend a time to get together and enjoy each other's company.


An alternative way of toasting bread WITHOUT the help of a toaster.

By: @gloriaolar


Good morning Steemians, its a lovely Friday morning here in Ilorin, Kwara state.


❗❕❗Student work🎨🏺One day at my job🤗😎

By: @curly-xu


1.We make an easy sketch.
2.We started with the background, the darkest part.
3.Elaboration and detailing of items.


Progress is slow - but it’s still happening

By: @debtfreein2


It’s been some time since I have posted here. And I feel bad for not doing so. Especially with the recent excitement around Mr Sun squiring the platform. I enjoy writing, but I seem to be consistently short on time lately.


Keep up the awesome work!

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Thank you friend @appreciator for your contribution to blockchain.
Please support my new tag #saturdaymemoirs

What happened with recent multiple posts on your account?

good featuring their post, I visited two of them and yeah I must say they should be appreciated.

Thank you for including me

You are welcome.

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. You all deserve it. Good job on this one, as usual @appreciator. The selection is diverse, covering travel (to a place I have not been although it's in my country), to cool monochrome photography, to gouache art (had to look that up), to food (that we call french toast) and debt reduction (can't wait for the revenue generating post). Thanks for sharing.

Always present and active, @appreciator.

Awesome collection of posts! You guys are finding some really great stuff!

Greetings, my friend @appreciator, here I am again!
Congratulations on your work, it's a pleasure to share ...

Thank you so much for including my post.

Keep up the good work it's a great thing that use are doing 👍🏾🍻 !BEER !trdo also I wanted to ask what content can I share using the appreciator tag

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Thanks for supporting quality content on Steem! These compilations help me discover new content creators I wasn't aware of—thanks @appreciator.

You are much welcome.

Saludos @appreciator, quiero agradecer por el gran apoyo que me ha brindado .. estuve pensando en como agradecer y realmente no sabia como, pero he delegado a su cuenta un poco de mi Sp es algo diminuto a su gran influencia, pero a medida de que siga aumentando mi sp, subiré la delegación paulatinamente,

Muchísimas gracias por el gran apoyo (kiss)

Eso es muy amable de su parte. Gracias

See you soon @appreciator, original content!

Nice work @appreciator. How do i get to be a part of all this PLEASE?