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Wednesday Walk make me smile post by the east river

By: @tattoodjay


Now I will be honest I dont know much about communities or how they work, but i have created one for Wednesday Walk


Wednesday Walk - Evening promenade

By: @leylar


This evening walk of mine was on the weekend. However, this is the format for #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay.


Photo-Tour: Olinda, Brazil

By: @sofathana


When I visited the state of Pernambuco in Brazil, one of the places I had marked in the guide to know was Olinda, a picturesque colonial city declared in 1982 as World Heritage by Unesco.


Cervo, seconda parte

By: @tinamarr


Tornando indietro dalla passeggiata del borgo di Cervo, siamo entrate in questo negozietto dove un gentile signore ci ha fatto assaggiare delle olive molto particolari


Walk Inside Angkor Wat Complex

By: @iamraincrystal


All photos featured are from my collection. Taken inside the Angkor Wat complex.


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