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Hike #3: Monte Colombina (Italy)

By: @onlavu


Bergamo has been on my radar for a long time. This city, belonging to the Italian region Lombardy, is quite easy to reach.


Butterflies and winter hole

By: @bambuka


When you dive into the ice hole on the lake, you can imagine that summer is around you. Flowers bloom, the sun shines and you are very hot. And then I remembered the butterflies.


Diy pelota sensorial - Diy sensory ball

By: @noeliazul


Hello community! For the #needleworkmonday of this week I show you the step by step of making this sensory ball


Tattoos are like drugs - Soo Addictive !!!

By: @crazysailor


When I was young I always wanted to get inked. Looking at my uncle who had tattoos on his arms and back I always wondered how it was possible to to create a beautiful art on a human skin with just needles and ink.


Upcycled sandals / Sandalias recicladas

By: @tahiaarq


Hello, happy carnaval if you celebrate.. Today for #needleworkmonday I want to show you a Upcycled Sandals I do this weekend, maybe it is no all needle work.. but still


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Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. I love diy's and travel and nature shots. Good job @appreciator.

Thanks for the support!!!

You are welcome!