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🦚Just a Tiny Peacock - A Colorful Little Drawing ✍️

By: @offbeatbroad


As I said in my last post I’ve got plenty of things I want to share with you all, and let me tell you


Homemade Korean Bulgogi ~ #FFF

By: @intothewild


Bulgogi is a funny word. Especially when you say it over and over again to a point where it loses all meaning.


A beautiful winter on Tara Mountain

By: @sarakey


In a white fur coat and white lace dress, Mrs. Winter knocked on my door. She hugged me tightly with her icy hands and greeted me with cold breath.


Self-Portrait: Nature Teaches Me to Accept Life

By: @anggreklestari


Modernization and ease of reaching far away with technology make us as human beings often want more towards life


Bavarian Leberknödelsuppe #fff

By: @depot69


today is the Food Fight Friday and I have chosen a very typical recipe of a traditional Bavarian meal for you.


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Many thanks @appreciator 😊

You are welcome :)

Congratulations to those who made it to the top 5. You all deserve it.

Thank you for the support!

You are welcome!

Thank you for the very generous upvote on my post today @appreciator, this was such a surprise and very much appreciated. 🙏


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Hi Appreciator, maybe you wanna appreciate this post ;)
I hope they make no Leberknödelsuppe out of Serafina :P

Greetings @appreciator!
and good luck ...

Rgards, @bluemist :)

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