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* BASE jump off a cliff in France + Tree landing! *

By: @basejumper


We were told about this cliff by a local friend. Access to the exit point is a mission, I don't think anyone other than a basejumper would have been to this exit point.


Winter trekking in Carpathian mountains, Ukraine

By: @boga4


This trip happened almost 10 years ago. It was my first experience of winter trekking.


Capturing the year 2019 - in pictures

By: @tinabrezpike


I'm still not ready to write 2020, so I can say I'm still living in 2019...maybe in February then :)


Breathing in

By: @cuteve


Hello Steemits! happy to see you all again 😊😊
I would like to share with you my new draw work 😄


Mi arte 📷🎨 Inspirado en los textos de Brian L. Weiss. #simple #makeup #photography #selfie

By: @desireeart


"Estar en el plano físico es algo anormal. Cuando se está en el plano espiritual, eso nos resulta natural🌌.


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Thank you so much for supporting everyone so well and thank you for the number 500 support post

You are always welcome
I think 500 is just a start :)

Wow wonderful. hope the next support will be more nice to you.
Good wish for you..

Very good selection of posts!

I was totally shocked with the publication of @basejumper!

Just seeing the pictures gives me vertigo!

Congratulations to all!

Thank you so much and I agree with @basejumper's post.

How are you @appreciator ...

Good job, always with something new!

I am especially struck by the detailed creative process of the publication:
Breathing in, congratulations to the artist @cuteve.

All authors have my support! :)

A hug,

Thank you for your visit and boat.
방문과 보팅 감사드립니다.

You are welcome.

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I see how high you guys rate some of the posts and good content.

I would be very happy if you tell me what I am doing wrong. Or what I can do better.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Greeting from @bitandi

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