Always grateful to God

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I woke up today and was felt deeply relieved and happy. It was such a wonderful feeling and it moved with me through out the day. I thank God for this feeling and I am so grateful for the peace, quiet and tranquility I feel in my life everyday. I mean why shouldn't I be grateful? So many people out there are so depressed and surprisingly, some of these people are the very people you think should be leading extremely happy lives.

Come to think of it, you hear of the mysterious death of superstars who are rich, famous, popular and respected. These people we think are living the dream are often living in depression, pain, battling with addictions etc. On one side, some people will kill to become them and on the other side you find these people wishing they could have a happy life like poor people. How ironic is that eh? But that is life and you must cherish and appreciate what you have.

Don't be envious of other people because sometimes what you see externally does not tell the whole story. You will turn to wish you were not them and appreciate who you are and what you are even more if you were to be them just for a day. That is why I am so grateful to God for what I have, who I am and where I am. I appreciate his goodness and all he has done for me. I will forever remain grateful and so should you. The month of November is on the way and being a month of appreciation, I want to use the opportunity to appreciate and thank everyone that has been a blessing in my life, supported me and stood by me through out the year.

Even to all here on the steem blockchain who supported me in anyway in making my journey a great one. Thank you all and I appreciate you all. Much love from me to you. I encourage you reading this to take out time this month to appreciate all those who have been instrumental in one way or the other in your life. A simple thank you means a lot.

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Finally bump into your post! Good one. Not what we want. It's be grateful for what we already have!

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oh thanks @davidke and I totally agree with you.
You never know what you have until you lose it.
Thanks for stopping by.

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