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RE: Spent the Evening Drawing Anger, Despair, and Worry... and as I was struggling to ...

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In a comic and in practically all the drawings of characters and others, if it does not express something, it does not generate anything and it is not attractive, I think. The truth is that you have achieved great expressions! I love how the girl looks.

I have a lot of problems with that, I've been researching every time I can, seeing some books, I have to take some advice and check the books that you sent me too. ;)


I have no doubt that when you really study expressions you’ll master them quickly! And be sure to use friends, family, and photographs as well. I’m most successful when I have a good reference and inspiration.

Hello dear Bryan! how are you? Yes, it's something I have to study thoroughly. Oh! yes! I remember that from the faces of friends and family. Lately I have used my relatives I walk like crazy taking pictures.
I certainly think those two are very important. I'm seeing some ConceptArt artists and they recommend a lot, a lot of references to understand things, which is often not how you think.