Coronavirus is good for extra vacation.

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@fredkese this one is for you.
Dutch people seem to care less about a lockdown or the Coronavirus. It's good for an extra vacation. The beaches are filled, no reason to keep distance, people go into Nature to enjoy the fresh air and to Germany for a day out (at the border they say they do not read the newspaper and do not have internet). I couldn't help but it gave me a good laugh.

Enjoy your days out and do not complain if you get ill and there's no room for you in hospital. The doctors warned you.


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Photo: Scheveningen beach © Pim Ras Fotografie


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In India the Prime Minister ask people for Janta Curfew (curfew by people for the people) for 14 hours. The essential services was working and all people were in their homes for the time..
Some the states declare the Lockdown also.

I think it's better if all stay at home for a few days no shopping either. We see where it ends. They think it remains for at least 1 year. 💕

that is frightening and ruthless. i live in germany on the border to the netherlands, in the last few days there have been significantly fewer cars from holland to shop and refuel.
Stay healthy

It is a bit weird. I thought Germany closed the borders?

You can still Cross the border, when you work in Germany, but there Are a lot of Small streets and borders. The Police can Not Control them all.

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Beaches have also been closed here in Ghana. I didn't mean we are immune, or we shouldn't be shut down. I'm only enjoying the times of freedom.