Finishing up for the day and continuing on this little @appics journey of more p ...

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... ersonal content. I enjoy the format although I still want to write and the little description box doesn't give me a lot of space to review. It would be nice of the box could be drawn out to see more of the text.

Today, I held the second to last of the full day client training delivery webinars. I can feel the flu creeping into my voice and I think that while I can make it through tomorrow, as soon as I slow down, it'll hit. Pretty much everyone I know and interact with has been affected and I am amongst the last hold outs.

It is coming for me.

So far this year I haven't taken a sick day from work and actually have about 10 days of overtime in lieu, 2 of which I will take either side of Christmas so as to have the week off completely. My wife doesn't have those days off due to her new job, so it will be time spent with my daughter.

Looking forward to the break.

January will mark the end of the third year of my Steem journey and every year I have intended to cut back a little and produce less content. I have failed miserably at this, but perhaps "this'll be the year" where that happens. I don't really have a good reason to stop writing though as it is not a chore or a burden for me to do so and I enjoy it. It seems silly to stop doing what I enjoy, which has been the main reason I have not cut back. Compared to what I was doing though, I have reduced the number of posts and also no longer have the feeling of being lazy if I don't post. In some way it is like going to the gym, which I also enjoy - but haven't really gone on ages. I think that is likely going to be my New year's resolution though, to make some time to exercise more and, I am even considering buying some winter running shoes, and I hate running. But, I hate having too much softness around the mid-section more.

Ah, the picture? Everyone seems to be putting some kind of selfie in the @appics pictures, but I can bring myself to do it. Every time I turn the camera on myself I feel ridiculous. It is a bit better if my wife or daughter are in the picture, but they are asleep so that is a no go... Or would be very, very weird. Though there is probably some viral trend or Internet fetish to take selfies with people sleeping.

Lots of freaks on the Internet.

The Internet seems to have amplified the number of freaks in the world or at the very least, has provided a space for them to come out of the woodwork and make a public appearance. It could be that there is an availability bias now, but I do get the sense that it does encourage more of them.

I wonder if it is like the saying, if you don't know what the product is, the product is you.

If you can't identify the freaks on the Internet, the freak is you.

Don't know about that, but there definitely are a lot of people who have some very strange ideas about this world and how to behave on it.

But what do I know, I have the hobby of writing on a blockchain to earn magical Internet money and hold the belief that it is going to change the world.

Well, enough world changing for today as I need to get some rest to be able to deliver my last session tomorrow. While quite intense, I have actually enjoyed it a lot and so far at least, it seems that the participants have liked it also and have found it useful to develop their own training deliveries from. So, that is a decent result from a short-notice planning phase with a very large set of requirements to satisfy.

Maybe I should give webinars on Steem? Or I could set up a camera and you could watch me write. I heard there are people who watch people eat meals live on the Internet, perhaps I could start a niche for people who like to watch people type.

This was on my phone though - I think that is a different fetish area. On the Internet, there is something for every taste - much like Steem.

Night night.

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wow! what a long post written on appics! Did you write it using the mobile or by using another appics frontend which I don't know yet?

On the app. I hate writing on the phone at the best of times, but in that little description box it sucks even more. It would be nice to have that gold bar draggable so as to give more space or, as writing it expands automatically.

Does APPICS accept markdown in the description box? Or did u edit later on?

Seems to accept it, but not sure how much so will test it later.

Feel better brother. Flu sucks balls.

Cheers mate. Pretty sure that once I stop at the end of the day it'll hit - but fingers crossed it isn't too severe. :)

Thought appics worked on an instagram kinda model? I don't think you're particularly good at short form either way ;D

Maybe just post once or twice a day to make time for exercise ;D

I don't like doing selfies either (or being on the business end of a camera at all for that matter XD)

When I was active on "real" social media, I was quite happy posting nonsense as it seems to be encouraged :D

Yeah, I have the time to go to the gym if I don't write, but even then it is hard as after work I only have a couple hours with Smallsteps and in the mornings I have to get her ready for daycare. By the time I am usually writing in a place I have the chance, the gym is closed.