Aachen train station after steem Aachen meetup

in appics •  10 months ago 


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@solarwarrior, Looks like this Station is huge and you've picked up perfect time for picturing it. Hope that you've enjoyed the Meetup and it was productive one. Stay blessed.

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A nice shot you took there which was only possible because you left - IMHO - too early ;)

Nice photo. There's a lot going on in it which makes it quite interesting to look at and I like the lighting of it overall. Very cool. The one train with the red headlights (or maybe tail lights) makes it look like it has glowing red eyes. Lol Pretty cool

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THX a lot for your feedback.. it actually looked a little like it was all a scenario from a well built model railway

Yeah I can see that as well. It does look like a model. It's funny how that happens sometimes

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