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RE: Have I Been Doing Water Wrong This Whole Time? 🤔

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I drink the Essentia ph-balanced water. It's supposed to be better for your body & for actual absorption as well. I love it! I also drink the Vital Proteins water, which has collagen, etc in it. I am trying to be better at hydrating since I am not always great at it lol.


Legit! Yeah I’ve had the essentia. Its pretty good. They had the best water on a strip test video that I watched. I might have to get a case a go with that for a bit.

But yeah didn’t know they did collagen water, I’m a have to check that out.

The water game has changed! Sheesh

It has, for sure. Vital Proteins is a different brand but just as tasty. I just started drinking it & noticed I feel a lot better when I have it. They have drink and protein powder as well. 🙏🏻🔥