Up, up...& UP !

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The appics man 💰🤑

Got to try this twice, as first time it posted on steemit, but nothing at all - on the Appics sidechain.

wonderful what's comes after VIP ... whale ? 😊

Once I reached it, server owner took the VIP priviledges away. So I got no choice now, but growing further, bigger. Maybe more APX will attract more people to engage with me...

Power or No power i enjoyed your content always throughout best luck to you always keep inspiring 🙏 ❤️

So freaking awesome. Up up up

what a cool journey on appics congratulations 😀

I'm trying to put my $$$ where my mouth is. Today, five days after this post went live, my total stake is up at 83407 APX

So this is it. Ill probably need tobuy apx too. Last time i checked it was 0.1 Steem per 1.000 apx.