Hive is here. - Will you join? I'm sure you didn't know, but beekeeping is a big ...

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... business here on prairies.


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I think, by default everyone joins , isn't it ? (except those named accounts)


I just seen and resteemed the announcement post, Im In!

Nice 👍 to have you onboard... was never doubting it.

I honestly don't know if I will just wonder away, afterwords, but I am not likely to leave Steem before my power down is done.

It will give me some time to decide about Hive.

It's not my fight, I don't have to choose.

Price will make you choose.

sure that could happen.

I plan to join... mostly because I don't really trust our "New Lord and Master" and his history with other projects suggests he's not trustworthy...

Welcome ;)

Hopefully we will see you there...

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Hello @oldtimer
I'm still like, same s... different box.

More or less.