We can now send money to coins.ph using gcash for Free using Gcash app☺

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Bro, how i can withdraw this money from Appics?

https://steem-engine.com/ login and sell your liquid apx to steem.

also if we withdraw APX as eos APX tokens to a free EOS wallet like https://getwombat.io then we can sell APX on newdex for EOS.... and then sell eos for USD or BTC . https://coinswitch.io is how scatter does its buitin signup free Exchange for eos to btc, so no login o deposits... just send the coins and u get the coin u want in return

SO u can also sell eos for usd on coinbase so apx has a big advantage there

I will try

I followed you. And you?

I already followed u before

Coins.ph is a fantastic application. I used it even abroad to buy crypto. But now i am useing wirex. Maybe i will use it if we return to ph because when u use it for shopping they gave u a cashback in satoshi 😁 Or hope coins will have also a visa card in the future.

hmm are you in sandiego philipines?

Hahaha nope. I am just curious about that tag😝