Happy morning everyone. Keep safe from corona virus😘

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Good afternoon ...or evening I should say. And yes be safe. Our family had it already and it was not fun.

That's so sad to hear. All of the ambassadors should let other community members know by spreading awareness and not focus much on those people who pose in front of the camera a lot of times and yet still get the most number and value of upvotes!

Oh hey thanks for caring. Its all good. No worries. Glad to have gotten it over with already. It was bad, the worst sickness we had come and go like the wind ever. Just stay healthy and be strong we got this ... Some dont even get that sick ... ... But most will have had it in some way, At least thats what we hear. Following all this very closely now since we just went into state wide lock down now happeing from state to state.

Its good to know that you overcome it. Keep safe still.