Good Morning Appics Fam!☀️Love From British Columbia Canada!🥰🇨🇦 Stay Safe, Healthy, ...

in appics •  2 months ago 

... Happy & Kind And Stay Positive, We Will Get Through This Together!🥰💪


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Its almost mid night here.🇧🇩 btw, good morning 🇨🇦

Haha thanks! We ate on opposite sides of the world, lol, good night my friend!

Ya. Ok dear. Have a great day. Stay safe. ❤🙏🇧🇩❤🇨🇦

Thank you!💪❤✊

Mmmm nuts ... today has been one hell of a Tim Hortons day 😅 every other delivery... yea I’m on the front lines 😎

Haha, some body has to do it!! But these mini Caramel Crunch Doughnuts were bought at Walmart and come in trays of 6, So yummy!!

Ohh I could tell... almost look like the MC Donalds mini nuts 😁

Oh soorry I cant drink that coz Im in bed now 🥴

Haha, thanks for your awesome reply, good night!!