Sunset From My Window☀️Don't Lose Hope, When The Sun Sets, The Stars Come Out...

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Absolutely stunning 💚💚💚 You are soo blessed ..stay safe friend 🤗

Awe, thank you!

I see a Grizzly!!

Haha, I hope not lol! We do occasionally see Deer though!!

Nice shot Karen, love it.

Awe thanks for your kind reply, im glad to see the snow is finally melting slowly but surely!

Nice looking shot...

Thanks, I caught the sun just in time before it went behind the mountains!

Thanks, I caught the sun
Just in time before it went
Behind the mountains!

                 - karenmckersie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Amazing it ☺️

Thank you!!

priceless view

Thank you. One of the perks living in the country!

Such a beautiful view 😍😍😍

Thanks! I got this photo just in time!

Wow. Its a brilliant capture indeed ❤

Thanks, I took this photo just in time before it went behind the mountains!

What a beautiful view !!!!

Thank you, we love it here!

Very beautiful!!!


what an amazing shot, perfect time for a nice beer or cup of wine 😁

Haha, yes indeed! I was actually drinking a vodka and orange juice but Beer or wine would be nice too!!