MOUNTAIN MINDING | the ongoing lock down includes all kind of sports as well. So ...

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... instead of mountain biking all I can do right now is mountain minding👊🏼
Have a wonderful day everyone and practice you favorite outdoor sport in mind🤙🏼
Greetings from Barcelona


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Ähnlich schön wie die Strecke von Trassenheide nach Ahlbeck 😁👌🏽

ohhhhhh Usedom, wie ich das schöne fleckchen erde vermisse. viele tolle momente dort erlebt.👌🏻✌🏻

Yes indeed, keep it in your heart and mind and stay positive, hopefully this passes soon my friend! Better to stay Safe then Sorry...

💯 have a wknderful day Karen✌🏻

Mountain minding works!!

glad you agree✌🏻have a great day Marianne