HIVE FIVE | fork happening and new blockchain coming up this Friday. Are you excited? ...

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... I am, as you can tell. I'm really not sure how it will work out with dApps build on STEEM right now but we will figure that out along the way.
Have you seen the $STEEM price? Have a look. Up by about 50% as I post this photo.
Greetings from Barcelona


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Hive five bro!!! Yes, excited and anxious both about new blockchain.. specially how dapps gonna migrate or continue without


So beautiful looks..good shot😦😦

stunning growth - greetings from Russia 👋

Hahaha! Hive five!

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This is like, 'let's just selfie at the work desk. I'm locked up but very excited. What else can I do? ' :D

I'm excited for it too :D #hive

I think this is great news, I did a post about it as well at 130 am lol, and Will "BEE" Happy to transition over as well! I know the majority of witnesses will be moving there as well as Splinterlands and many more dapps. Im glad that they will be airdropping and matching or mirroring our wallets from Steemit on Friday!! Exciting times indeed my friend, see you there!

Hive five😅😁

Didn’t have the time right now to check out the news and movement. Is there an article all about the transition? The spike in the price is awesome!

Wait that APPICS and DTUBE come along.

I think it will be a competition between the two blockchains from which I think we will all benefit!

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