MIXED FEELINGS | locked down for 3 days now and today first day home office under ...

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... new circumstances. It is nice being with the kiddos all the time but it is not fun staying inside all the time. We are a very active family and thankfully we have a big terrace we can use for activities. But, thinking about that this will be everything for (at least) the next 2 weeks is scary. Work from home with young kids is no fun at all. It is basically impossible for the both of us working at the same time.
How is it going for you in these times?
Greetings from Barcelona


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For the time Being I have to say that both, son and daughter, are really doing well.
They have on-line classes all day via Videoconference arranged by the school, but the problems come when afterwards, what to do indoors...
It is like living in a sort of experiment.

hey Eddie, happy to hear that, unfortunately the kindergarten doesn't offer online classes😜 so it is quite intense to say at least. and its just the first week😂😂😂stay safe my friend🤙🏼

Hahaha, I can imagine, take care my friend

Wishing you all the best my friend in these trying times, I work from home in the country snowed in for most of the winter so I know how you feel, im seriously getting cabin fever but At least my sons are now grown, lol. You guys will find better and easier ways of doing things as time goes by. Good luck and stay positive, this too shal pass!

Getting panic here in Chile lol though seems like the situation is normal still. Hope you stay safe and sound the whole fam + keep enjoying the fam time :D

We are glad to be home bodies, when it comes down to it we don't mind. But we have always stayed active and as soon as they shut down my wifes work, we are going on vacation up in the mountains. Might be the best place to be if 💩 starts flying. Jk its all good. Stay positive tho.

Stay safe Amigo

What we do is take turns, my husband works during the morning and I work during the afternoon.

Bro we are with you !! ✌🏼

Keep you head up! It’ll be over soon I hope. We are waiting for the lock down. I guess it might be on Wednesday or Thursday. No more regular patients. Just emergency treatments. I hope this crisis won’t ruin too many people😬

Greetings to you from Nigeria. I sympathize with you. Well, over here it's like normal. No wide spread of the virus. Even the few cases have been said to to have turned negative. No lockdown here of any sorts, although awareness of it is getting higher.

Stay safe! Here in Mexico we will start the lockdown this week. Goverment says it is to soon, but the people feels it is already late. We'll see.

Amazing look 😉

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