Hey-Yoo!!! Now is the time to click this link and get over and place you vote for ...

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... your favorite Food Flinger for Round 76~ https://steempeak.com/fff/@foodfightfriday/food-fight-friday-round-76-01-03-20 ~ Please excuse me for showing up with no bun lately... actually, no I am not sorry, I am actually starting to embrace my raw look. Truth be, Snapchat stole my buns and won’t give them back. I am gonna have to file a formal FoodFightFriday complaint!! Enough about my issues, get your buns over there and place your vote!! We have Steem and Foodie tokens to give away for the love of al things food!!


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Looking good without your bun buddy, thanks for all you do for the funest food fightin' fling of the week!!

Dude. I’m not the only one who gets a good laugh out of these.

Losing the buns is acceptable but should the moustache ever get lost—unacceptable!

This s--t always makes me lol.

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