Donald Trump, Covid-19 and the Golden Gate. Everything is connected. Trump and the ...

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... Golden Gate of Osiris, the center of our galaxy, are pointing to each other in everything surrounding the president of the USA.

And now with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing more and more events unfolding a super 911 symbolism in any way we can imagine.

When we count the time after the Golden Gate moved into the 266th degree on the ecliptic, the super event of the 20th century that I have been mentioning over and over again, to Donald Trump's birth, we get 7 years and 76 days.

That is marvelously close to a triple seven, and we remember that he was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on his inauguration. And that he met Putin on 7/7/17, when Putin was exactly 777 months old in the Hebrew year 5777.

Looking more closely, 776 gives us the gematria value of "Covid-19", the name of the specific novelty Coronavirus, that is now forcing a major part of manking inside their homes. The cipher is the so-called "Jewish" cipher, where the rules fro Hebrew are applied to the Latin alphabet. This is, by far, the most mystical cipher in all my research and I use it over and over again to find marvelous "coincidences", "synchromysticism", or planned events. Choose your favorite.


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he will be remembered as the viral president. Clinton did it right and just wined and dined and DISTRACTED the elite so he avoided all the big disasters lol

Crazy how the virus looks like the biohazard symbol.

I put the biohazard symbol behind the virus graphic, so it looks like both!

HD version:

APX Donald Trump 776 Covid19 Coronavirus Pandemic.jpg

From real Golden Gate at 266° day to Donald Trump birth are 7y 76d 776.PNG