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... clown is a time marker for important dates. From all directions events point to his death on 8/11/2014. It was a magical day when he passed away, a fire work of symbolism. You can learn much about him in my previous posts, where I highlight some of the mysterious numbers surrounding his death. He had a avalanche of Golden Gate symbolism connected to his entire career.

When the Coronavirus Pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization on 3/11/2020, Robin Williams was exactly 67 months dead. This is a very special number, as it equals "alchemy" in English Ordinal gematria. Alchemy is the study of the spirit and the transmutation from one state of mind to another. This can be applied to the greater scheme of what is going on globally, an alchemical transmutation of our collective consciousness. Maybe by design. The life and death of Robin Williams has influenced millions of people all around the world, in ways very few can comprehend, including myself.

Another fascinating 67 is "Wuhan", in the same Gematria cipher. It is the place where the Coronavirus supposedly appeared first. It is also the place, where, exactly 666 weeks after 9/11, the Phoenix Towers were announced. There is a deeper mystery surrounding this city and its symbolism, that we still have to discover.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, Robin Williams was exactly 2039 days dead, when the pandemic was declared. We drop the zero, as it is common in numerology, and get the 239 - one of the most important numbers I decode on my channel. 239 equals "Golden Gate" in Jewish gematria, where the rules from Hebrew are applied to the Latin alphabet. 23/9 is also the 266th day of the year - the position of the Golden Gate on the ecliptic, between 1939 and 2010, PLUS Pope Francis, the 266th pope, who very blatantly codes the Golden Gate symbolism in his actions, as I have pointed out in earlier posts.

A double Golden Gate symbolism!


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