The 9/11 Tribute In Light And The Coronavirus Pandemic. The 88 blue beams, that ...

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... shoot out of the of the New York skyline, to remember the September Eleven attacks, had their first appearance on 3/11/2002. The 88 is the number of time and the original Twin Towers were both eight-sided, with small sides on each corner. So they basically were two giant eights, next to the more obvious number eleven, that they created. The new World Trade Center One merged the two towers into one 1776 feet tall tower, which is both a reference to the founding year of the USA as well as 888+888.

From the first tribute on 3/11/2002, to the Coronavirus Pandemic on 3/11/2020 (the same date with just two digits swapped) are exactly 18 years, which means "die" in Jewish gematria. The same time can be expressed as exactly 216 months. This is an interesting number, as it is the result of 6x6x6.

And remember, how we already talked about the Clade X pandemic simulation from the Johns Hopkins institute, that took place 666 days before the Coronavirus Pandemic. Or the Phoenix Towers in Wuhan, which were announced exactly 666 weeks after 9/11. And we can also add George Herbert Walker Bush to the list, Skull and Bones member and heir of the corrupt Bush dynasty, who died 66 weeks and 6 days before the pandemic (and has tons of other perfectly aligning events with his day of death).


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