..yesss, it’s a good day today!!..my sister was in Glasgow for the weekend, came ...

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... back yesterday...and look how lucky I am!!..she brought me this little gift from a vintage and antique shop from there and...she couldn’t find anything better, I love it...can you get what it is?..a little devil joking and doing grimaces..tell you a little secret: I love this grimace, still do it sometimes, especially with friends and children, haha..it’s sooo cute!...sometimes I and she too are wondering that we really know each other really good..and without thinking about gifts and preferences, we almost always give each other the perfect gift at the perfect time..oook, karma exists and does it’s part too..but the wish to make one happy has to be inside one..but it starts with the right intention and the true willing to do, for the rest karma cares..btw we still have days when we don’t look for the other, even if we are on the same street..and sometimes we can be really unfriendly for a little while, but after the storm the sun will come, sooner or later...that’s what real relationship are about..that shows you who’s your real riend or family ..and that’s true and kind of adult behavior.. and take care about your people in life..indeed there are people who had a little difference with ie his/her father, friend, sister, when they are teenagers and one day maybe 50years later, they still haven’t talked or seen each other again...often because of such a little banality they even remember..and sometimes then it’s too late..and to make it more harder, people feel bad for the rest of their life...so, take care of your people and don’t be hard to your people and even to your self..making mistakes or just misunderstandings are part of life, it’s not worth to have and give bad vibes the whole time..that’s happening often because people sometimes take everything too personally...and sometimes they are completely wrong..taking calmly can help..anyway, have to stop now because I need all my energy for being happy about my new talisman...enjoy your day and don’t forget to be patient with everyone and yourself..so much bad things in the world to fight against, so think about what you really don’t want or accept..and fight with love and humor and intelligence, not with aggression and weapons..people get crazy when they want to fight with you and you still are friendly...no enemy, no fight!..it’s not possible to to fight, if the other one don’t fight...haha..for every fight there have to be two people...soo, that’s from here...enjoy..


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haha 😋😜🍀😎😋🌟🙏💗 nice little treasure!

I think I can remember you doing this grimace! 😁

..ya, exactly..love this move..and I m really happy with this little souvenir from Glasgow..even if I’m just trying to give a couple of things away...ok, my friend..bis später..