..‘pimped’ poor people food: tagliatelle aglio e olio, here with mushrooms and a ...

in #appics8 months ago

... bit of fresh tomato pieces..parmiggiano, ftesh grinded salt and pepper...HQ products is the key, especially talking about the olive oil...and how to use..anyway, easy and delicious, but right now I m going more for the amazing Tempranillo Riserva, opened yesterday..I m not a critical wine lover, but I tell you one: the wine smelled real good yesterday..but today it’s a nectar from paradise, has still something from forbidden....is my easy HQ-dinnner-for-one-everything-is-perfect in these times not really good timed?.. after having done my to-dos, I’m still enjoying silence..try...and enjoy...


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Looks so good and tasty 😋 Bon Appetit

.. ya indeed it is..wish could share..anyway, thank you and best wishes from here..enjoy..

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😁 🐧 🍝


Looking delicious..

..it was..the simple things are often the best things...