Jerry Has Been Noticably More Comfortable Since Starting Hemp Seed Oil Treatment 👌

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Since we adopted Jerry, dang must be almost 8 years ago now, he has always struggled with what I consider anxiety. Having had experiences with it myself and having some of the same triggers, noise around us 🤔 I have often wondered if what helps me could help him also?

Not wanting to blow smoke at Jerry(he obviously hates smoke of any kind) or let him eat our cannabis goods worried about how much he should take we decided to try this Hemp Seed Oil by Hemp 4 Paws .... side note our late Tripodog, pronounced tri-pod-dog as she was three legged, Meesha would follow the joint around the circle and huff at you till she got enough tokes 😅 she was a character that one and her enjoyment of being stoned led me to understand its effects are very similar for dogs .... This stuff is supposed to be non-psychoactive and THC free yet still has a noticeable positive effect on his general demeanor.

ENBW6408 2.jpg

Jerry seems to be comfortable in his own skin even with the onslaught of noise in our apartment building. Sure he still gets “triggered” as you can’t change an old dog over night but he is a much easier to settle. Previously he would feel the urge to do a perimeter check and would take several minutes to calm down often barking. Now it’s just a matter of calling his name when he barks then giving him reassurance and he gets back into cuddly mode instantly.


I mean look at him! I have posted before about how hard it is to get a shot of Jerry sleeping and now that is all he seems to want to do 😅 it’s just nice seeing him actually relax! Jerry is getting older now and slowing down is a natural thing but even as he is slowing his intensity never changed till now.

He is the same old goof ball when we get out and about but at home once he gets his medicine he’s a completely different dog. What I mean to say is that he actually likes the taste of the stuff so much, possibly even the effects, that he will not let us forget it. He sat in the kitchen whining the one day I forgot till I got down to his level and seen what he was starring at 😎


Besides the obvious mood change his fur is noticeably softer has a good sheen. His ears don’t seem to be itching him and he has stopped chewing his feet after walks. The real surprise was his 💩@d00k13’s, solid as a rock 💪🤣 One weeks treatment has definitely helped, inside and out!

Thank you ❤️ Hemp 4 Paws ❤️


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That's great! I dont think I have heard a bad thing when it comes to giving CBD to pets, nothing but great things. Happy for you and your little one, :)

Here is the only negative, it costs an arm and a leg 😅 his comfort and our patience makes it worth while though.

Yeah its crazy how CBD is so expensive. It cost more then THC. You should look inti growing a hemp plant. Are you familiar with that seed drop they did in your country? I think its called freedom dream. But that is what you should grow for your little one. That is if your able

Jerry the adorable hero..

He’s now called the adopeable hero 😂

Great news, I didn’t know it was used on animals too, but hé, why not! !trdo

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I think it’s probably safer than many other options for anxiety, only side effects has been better digestion 😅 animals can’t tell you what is wrong exactly ... something so general purpose can do wonders for things we may not even be aware are bothering them.

Do you know if it is good for skin conditions as well?

I believe I did see some paw cream by the same company, I am using some THC cream and it seems to help with rashes 😅 first thing I tried on my sore back I reacted to the scented ingredients but I did notice the plain cream I have now feels soothing like the cortisone I have for heat rash(sweaty baker thing)

He's really adorable I must say! Pass for the pet shaming as of now. Hahaha. Dropping by to say hi to Jerry and to you. I have started the #appicsgetinshapechallenge though and I felt a bit uncomfortable though. I hope it's something I can push all the way to my desired shape.

Aye buddy it’s all about small achievable goals... I went from never running to doing a 10km run last year 😅 still don’t believe I did it but I did! Can’t do it now as I’ve gotten lazy over the winter but I know I can build up to it again!

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Good shit man - big up's to you for looking after that beautiful dog!

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