Top 10 Reasons I Like APPICS. **Great Product So Far**

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Well I have now made 9 videos and 1 still shot post on the Appics Dapp and I gotta admit I am impressed how it all works so far. Is there a bug or two, sure there is, all new technologies go through this period and that’s exactly why it’s still in a Beta testing phase.
There are a few attractive things for me about Appics:

  1. I LOVE the fact that there is a coin to be earned similar to the way you currently do with Steem. This token can be bought on your Steem-Engine wallet. ( EVERYONE who has a Steem blockchain wallet already has a Steem-Engine wallet) Having a real coin to trade is much better than Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anything else that does not offer a coin for rewards.

  2. Voting within the App is super easy and comes with a fun little slide bar that is easy to use with one hand.

  3. I earn Steem AND Appics tokens for every post. (This is really cool)

  4. I have found some new friends and blogs I never knew about....I gained a few followers and voters which is always nice.

  5. The App is easy to use on my Samsung Note9 and has a few more “options “ not released yet.

  6. Appics tokens cost about 1/10th of 1 Steem (otherwise listed as .1 on the exchange) and there are about 1/2 as many tokens circulating as there are Steem tokens. This is pretty decent value in my opinion for a young coin with a developing Dapp on a fantastic blockchain.

  7. Appics can be used on Several different platforms and traded against other crypto pegs like EOS and TRON if it so chooses. This creates more markets and tighter margins on the buy/sell spread and volume creating liquidity.

  8. Uploading is SUPER easy and smooth with very little frustration learning how to use the App.

  9. The videos open fast and play quickly when watched on a Steemit Account,

  10. It’s free to use with no monthly fees.

Things that could improve:

The upload speeds are faster than YouTube in my experience so far and I upload daily for almost 6 years. That being said, you will need a strong solid connection to upload via cell service and your wireless data plans. Uploading from a cell signal takes some time (3-15 min depending on the size of the video) but from a WiFi router connecting to a nice speed it can be done in seconds. My last video was 5 min long and it uploaded and posted for me in under 5 seconds. I do have wicked speed at my house to help but I have tried it at other locations and it still was under 2 min which is reasonable. I have had multiple videos not upload and eventually give me error massages when trying to upload with a wireless signal but, I have it happen with YouTube for years as well. Cell signal can be sketchy sometimes and transmitted data has little room for error.

The App is still being tested so getting an account requires some patience and some emails and registration of an account at Don’t expect it to happen overnight and don’t let the unorthodox way of getting an acct discourage’s still in Beta.....remember?

All things considered, I love this Dapp so far. Appics is on the right track to build a winner in my opinion.


Enjoying it as well. Though I may not be acknowledged on Steemit as a writer, just being a regular user that shares my photos will make myself rewarded for sharing and acknowledging others' posts are the few reasons why I love it. Let's rock it the good way! See you often.

Plus I can now mingle with whales that have a reputation of 60 and above easily. Haha

I also like it. Too bad that leaving behind a comment on a post is not yet possible. But like you wrote the future looks bright, very bright for Appics.
At the moment I do consider it the Instagram of the Steem dapps. When posting one doesn't feel obliged to write a lot of text to comply to general (unwritten) steem rules.
The biggest problem they do have at the moment is the registration process, this should be their top priority at the moment. The app can be as brilliant but if people do need to perform a lot of action to register they will not use it.


I have been a fan of Appics for well over a year now. UI simplicity & asthetics are integral for me, and this app is solid in both aspects.

My #1 feature request currently is being able to stay signed into multiple accounts at once.

I also dont love the 10% beneficary fee, especially when Esteem only charges 3% for an even more robust app. Yet I still find myself using both applications, despite loss of a few percent in rewards.

Also... Thanks for voting on my posts every so often OG!

the only sad part the people still undervalue it don't know why ...its the coolest dapp i have ever used :)


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