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For someone using the same set of emojis everyday, it is surprising to see new emojis on Gboard. Gboard is a keyboard app by Google. I have no idea when the new emojis were added, maybe during the Android 10 update or when I updated Gboard a few days ago. I scrolled the emojis awhile ago and found some interesting additions.

First, the cute animals and food. There's now a sloth, otter, hedgehog, and alpaca. I'm not sure if it's new but there are dinosaurs and tempura now. 😆


They also created emojis for handicapped people which is really nice and empowering.

Second thing I noticed are the pro lgbtq and single parent emojis. This will surely make the lgbtq community and single parents express themselves better and improve their confidence.


Last thing I noticed are the multicolored shapes. Hearts are no longer the shapes with different colors. Now we have circle and square as well. They look nice. 😊


Emoji adds more expression to words or can be a creative way to express ones thoughts when you run out of words to say. 😀

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