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RE: Some Of The Strangest Critters You'll Ever See

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You are so right about the callous and greedy actions of mankind! So sad! This planet is so precious and so are all these creatures. Everyone should be grateful for having the opportunity be here and for being able to observe all the amzing creations of our Mother Earth. This is quite the collection that I never seen before, but thank to you I see it now. Let's hope they will be saved from extinction.


Howdy Miss Lena! So true and sad about these creatures that are threatened with extinction. But thinking of a happier topic, what did you do last night? Some kind of party?

I was just watching Netflix, lol. What did you do Janton?

Oh that sounds dreadfully boring Miss Lena. You should have commented to me so I could give you a hard time! lol..Well because Mrs. J. went to bed at 6:30 because she had to get up at 3:30am for work I just quietly worked on steemit and listened to the fireworks and gunfire going off.

It was fine but I sure could have used a beer or some wine!

Well I was fine, but poor Mrs.J!!! But I guess she must like her job, otherwise she wouldn't do it.

Well with a job like hers she doesn't have a choice of when she works but she actually wanted to work because of the holiday pay so it was fine. She does enjoy it though, even though it's a crazy place to work.

I know, she is a remarkable woman. And extra money is always needed too.!

Very true. Now if I could just convince her to invest some of it into Steem!

Oh yeah! Now is the time! It wont get any lower, lol.