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RE: Some Of The Strangest Critters You'll Ever See

in #animalslast year

Howdy Miss Lena! So true and sad about these creatures that are threatened with extinction. But thinking of a happier topic, what did you do last night? Some kind of party?


I was just watching Netflix, lol. What did you do Janton?

Oh that sounds dreadfully boring Miss Lena. You should have commented to me so I could give you a hard time! lol..Well because Mrs. J. went to bed at 6:30 because she had to get up at 3:30am for work I just quietly worked on steemit and listened to the fireworks and gunfire going off.

It was fine but I sure could have used a beer or some wine!

Well I was fine, but poor Mrs.J!!! But I guess she must like her job, otherwise she wouldn't do it.

Well with a job like hers she doesn't have a choice of when she works but she actually wanted to work because of the holiday pay so it was fine. She does enjoy it though, even though it's a crazy place to work.

I know, she is a remarkable woman. And extra money is always needed too.!

Very true. Now if I could just convince her to invest some of it into Steem!

Oh yeah! Now is the time! It wont get any lower, lol.

But I don't know if it will get much higher either and there's no way to convince someone of that. I sure HOPE it does though.