Dog Takes The Bus To Play In The Park Everyday By Herself

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

This is a total fluff piece today, I admit it, but it was so cute and funny that I wanted to share it. We got enough serious posts going around these days right?

Mrs. J saw this story on facebook and I got a big kick out of it. I know, fb sucks and I almost never go there but sometimes they have something funny.

There's a dog named Eclipse in Seattle, Washington who rides the bus back and forth to the park to spend the day playing with the other dogs, and she does it all by herself!


The way it started was her owner would take her to the park most days and one day while they were waiting on the bus Eclipse's owner was smoking a cigarette when the bus pulled up.

He was waiting to finish his cigarette but she was so anxious to go that she jumped on the bus without him when he wasn't looking. Well, by the time he realized she wasn't with him anymore the bus was pulling away!


She had slipped by the driver too but luckily when he saw her he knew they always go to the park so he let her off there and her owner caught up with her in a little while.

After she made a couple more trips by herself the owner started fastening a ticket to her collar every morning and she was all set. The drivers know her and most of the riders are local regulars and they all keep an eye on her too.


Eclipse is one independent dog! I don't think I could let my dog go by herself like that could you guys? The bus trip would be the safest part of the day. She's got a great system going though!


I wonder what people think who don't know that she's a regular? lol.


Dog's are so cool. So are cats. Don't take offense cat lovers! lol


Thanks for stopping by folks, have a blessed weekend!

PS- In more dog news, one study by psychologists found that women sleep better with dogs than human partners! lol.


They sleep more soundly and feel more secure because dogs are much better at alerting them to any unusual sounds or movement and dogs sleep with less movement than human partners.

It makes sense doesn't it? So guys, don't be offended if your lady prefers sleeping with a dang dog than you. lol.





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Bus riding dog...if you didn't post I might not have believed it!

lol..that's an interesting story but I wouldn't let my dog do it alone would you?


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Clever dog. 😊

Yeah she knows what she wants and she goes after it. Something people don't even know how to do. Does it make sense that women sleep better with dogs? lol.

Does it make sense that women sleep better with dogs? I don't know. You should ask Mrs J. 😊

lol...I'm afraid to ask her but I think I know what the answer would be! Hey they asked 1,000 women in the survey and it was overwhelming so guys are just out of luck compared to dogs!

Hi janton, what a very clever dog. I don't think I would ever let my dog do this either. What if the dog was hurt or taken. I would never forgive myself.

Sleeping with your dog - well that is different! I am allergic to dog hair so that would not work for me, lol

Oh, you can't sleep with dogs. Well you don't know what you're missing! lol.

Very smart dog! This dog is a walking addict and bus addict!

Howdy sir kaminchan! I think this dog is super independent! Do you think dogs could have been a human in a past life or do animals stay animals and humans stay humans?

Could be either way depending on their karma!

Oh ok, very interesting sir kaminchan!

For a human tone reborn as an animal is very tragic! It means that person must have done loads of bad deeds!

Oh that makes sense, that would be terrible! You mean like murder someone?

Oh that makes sense, that
Would be terrible! You mean
Like murder someone?

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Very likely! So it is very wise not to commit any major bad karma!

Yes it is. That is one thing that I do right in my life! lol.

Hi there @janton. What a smart and beautiful dog. I love fluff pieces, I tend to be more comfortable while reading and commenting, don't ask me why.
Enjoyed this post very much...must love dogs!!!

Well most of my posts lately have been fluff pieces. The great nickhavey nicknamed me Lord Fluffton so I'm trying to maintain the title. lol. Dogs and cats are both great but of course dogs are able to do more because of their size.

Did you guys spend the winter or part of it in Florida again? I've been offline so much that I haven't gotten around to visit very many people on steemit. Your country place is a good location to wait out this virus thing.

Hello, yes we just got back a week ago from a six week vacation in Florida. We spent 4 weeks on the west coast , visited my sister in Venice, and a good friend of mine in Sarasota, then a couple of weeks in Fort Myers. The last 2 weeks on the east coast in Daytona beach. The weather was awesome .
It was a wonderful break from the cold northeast.
Seems we got home just in time to hunker down on the homestead to wait out this virus thing that seems to be invading the world. Oh boy!
Hope you are well in Texas. Nice to hear from you. @janton

Howdy today farm-mom! That sounds wonderful, what a winter! And yes, back just in time to be in the country. We're fine. Well supplied but Mrs. J could very well be stuck at work. She works in the county detention system so she thinks they will probably go on lockdown if people don't show up for work which means the people there can't leave!

We're just hoping it won't be months!

Dogs definitely make good bedfella's.. take over if you are not careful!

Story about Eclipse is very sweet, lovely she got to go for a ride and run around the park every day without relying on a human.... Clever dog

Some very famous dogs around, here is but one in our pages of history Just Nuisance

Have a wonderful weekend.

Oh this is so cute! Have a great weekend - without the panic of COVID-19!

Howdy violetmed! I'm so glad you like this one. Yes we aren't in a panic but I feel bad for those who are! I'm praying that this thing dies out in a few weeks instead of months like they're talking about.

Me too!

i wanna say that I already knew about this story but it never hurts to get reminded about how smart our doge pals are. Some times I think that animals, especially dogs, have got senses that we simply can not understand and a dog knowing which stop is theirs would be one of them. I guess she can smell the park but who knows. I'm always amazed that my dog seems to have an internal alarm clock not just based on if it is light outside but just seems to know what time it is in a general sense.

It doesn't surprise me that women prefer to sleep with dogs from a safety perspective. My Nadi probably couldn't even break the skin of an intruder but will jump up with a firey fury if she hears something in the night... scares the crap out of me sometimes.

lol...laughing at Nadi jumping up at night. Yes, that would be more scary than some sound that she heard I'm sure. Good girl!

I'm always amazed at how our dog Jack knows precisely what time it is also, just incredible. Here's Jack:

hello there Jack... German Shepard mix?

He's supposed to be just German Shepard but who knows. lol. We got him from a local family of Mexicans and they didn't speak very good English.

Yeah, I miss having a dog. Babysitting the cats is not the same, either.

Dogs are so cool sir fotosdenada, very smart and big enough to do alot on their own of course. If you were in a better position to get one, what kind would it be?

I grew up with coonhounds. They're trouble, though. You need a lot of space for them to run.

Coonhounds! In MN? I don't think of Coonhounds when I think of MN. lol.

Very clever dog👏 hope you are well. Always enjoy reading your posts, keep em coming, janton.

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Thanks so much for the kind words clitadias. What about your school that you teach least I think it's a school...are they giving you guys a vacation and closing the school?

You are too kind janton. All schools and universities across UAE have shut down since 8 march and will be until 5 April or further as per govt rules. The city has come to a halt in response to the current crisis. ,🙏

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Very interesting. And wise. Are you guys trying not to go out in public much? Like just to get groceries?

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Amazing! Now that is dog gone smart dog Cowboy. I wouldn’t let my dog go by himself if I had one now. Most dogs are suppose to be on a lease anyway.

Oh that's right, most places have leash laws don't they? I wonder how they get around that? Eclipse must have gotten an exception. lol.

Samantha told Me not to up vote this one....... She is NOT Dog friendly......

lol..she's smart, most dogs can't be trusted. Around cats anyway!

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