Big Foot In Texas. I Know Y'all Have These Things In Your Neck Of The Woods

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

I know, many of you are thinking how can there be Big Feet Foot in Texas? It's all windswept plains, pastures and desert. Well actually the full Eastern 3rd of the state is composed of dense forests which is a perfect habitat for Big Foot.

download (2).jpg

So even though we don't have the vast expanses of mountainous wilderness like Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Pennsylvania, we still rank number 8 among states with the most sightings.

With thousands of encounters, descriptions and testimonies we know they're out there. We have photos and videos but the problem with those are that people are never close enough to get clear shots.

Like this video showing an alleged Big Foot moving along the opposite bank of a river in East Texas.

The guy was thinking fast enough to get his cell phone out but because of the distance it isn't very clear:


Many campers and hunters and people living in remote areas have come right within feet of Big Foot but were so shocked or scared that they didn't think of getting a photo. Whoever manages to get a good, clear shot is going to have a very valuable photo!

Here's a map showing locations of sightings in the U.S. ha! Look at Florida, Florida is nothing but Big Foot country. I don't know how accurate this thing is.


Big Foot generally stay far away from people. They don't like to be bothered. We have lots of foot print casts though. They're 14 to 16 inches long:


And lots of hair samples that people have gotten from tree branches and so forth after seeing where the animals have been. After testing, they always come back as "unknown species."


Here's a typical photo from someone who saw a Big Foot but by the time they got over the surprise and got their camera out the image they captured is too vague. This guy was out hunting and the Big Foot also got the attention of the deer!


What do you guys think, have you ever seen one? I think I'm located in an area that is too open with few woods but I'd love to see one. I bet no matter what country you're in there have been sightings!


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!





I think they are called sasquatch in Florida.

Howdy there njord! Yes, they are called Sasquatch in different places, Florida may be one of them. That and skunk apes. Many people who encounter them say they are accompanied by a very bad stench. lol. Do you have such sightings or myths about them in your country?

They might be our trolls, they are big hairy and smells bad.

Are you serious? There are sightings of trolls there? That sounds amazing! Yes, maybe they are the same thing.

It seems to be something out there that not are a bear or a moose.

That sounds creepy. I bet there really is something out there though.

Are you serious?
There are sightings of trolls there?
That sounds amazing!

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Only one Big Foot in New Mexico? I feel sorry for him...Imagine how hard it would be to get a Tinder date?!

What do you guys think, have you ever seen one?

I saw this guy once who had some sort of medical condition with one foot quite a lot larger than the other...Does that count as a sighting? (Fortunately it was his off foot so when he kicked people they didn't end up on the moon.)

lol..I think it would be hard to find a country without any sightings but I don't remember hearing about any from Down Under.

Well, I'll find that big-foot guy and take a picture...Send it to the team at and I'll get it registered. I believe the technical name is:

Austaliolis singalonius Bigus Footius

Haha! That's quite a name. It's funny that the professional Big Foot hunters with all their high tech equipment go out on these long expeditions in the wilderness...the locations with multiple encounters...and they never find a thing. Big Foot always outsmarts them!

I was listening to a Native American researcher who claims to have communicated with them and spent time with them and he says they live underground and have telepathic abilities that let them know when people have cameras.

So who deepens the mystery though. That would explain why no one can get a good, close up photo of them. If any are in Australia the Aborigines would know like our American Indians know about them but don't tell the white folk!

Big Foot always outsmarts them!

Big foot got skills.

Native American researcher

Smoking the peace pipe too much?

Aborigines would know like our American Indians know about them but don't tell the white folk!

Would probably try and stone them to death (See my post from yesterday.)

lol..H.S. probably would have slowed you down and stunted your brain!

I was an indifferent student. Not that I was stupid, just that I tended to complete work well ahead of the rest of the class...And then cause trouble...I got into trouble a lot for that. I was a good lad, brought up with exemplary manners, capable of courtesy, respect...Was a very good reader (Read Lord of the Rings at 9 years old, then Alex Haley's Roots as well) and was generally good at my classes...But alas I moved on through boredom and found myself installing engines on the production line. I worked my way up the chain there quickly however...The rest is history as they say.

You were too advanced for regular classes, they should have had you in special classes. Oh well, I'm sure they did the best they could. lol.

This is a good explanation too. Make sense.

Howdy Jonboy!
I have to admit you've been sharing some pretty neat stuff with all of us lately. Keep it up! I'm loving this stuff! Notice all of the Bigfoot sightings in Florida!? That's right! We had Bigfoot in Florida. Only we didn't call them bigfoot. In Florida, those of us good ol' cracker boys called them "Skunk Apes." Yep! Because they STINK!!! Like yo' mamma! ...Just kidding HA HA.

lol! I've heard them called that and I guess with all the swamp land it would be logical for them to be there but that surprised me because I think of FL as being so developed from everyone moving there that there wouldn't be much habitat for them anymore.

Arkansas is the place for Big Foot! Rainbow Man meets Big Foot. Wouldn't that be something?

Thanks for the kind words Rainbow Man!

Rainbow Man meets Bigfoot. Hmmm... That might make one funny sketch. And then bigfoot turns out to be someone like @Papa-Pepper HA HA. Maybe I could talk him into making a funny bigfoot video with me sometime HA HA. Maybe episode two of Farmer Z. Rainbow Man saves Farmer Z from Bigfoot HA HA.

You got some smokin ideas sir Rainbow Man! lol. I don't know how far in the woods papa-pepper is but I bet he's heard of sightings around there, have you?

So far I haven't heard of any sittings here in Arkansas that I know of. Only Florida and the west coast.

Well I bet you guys out in the woods have a decent chance of coming across one someday, especially if you go hunting in more isolated areas.

That's a LOT of sightings! :)

I would love to see that eastern part of Texas! Well, all of it actually. I better get started if i hope to see any of it. It's so big.

Howdy sir rossfletcher! is really big and I'd love to see it all too. I was surprised that Northern CA is the second most frequent sightings location. Washington has over 2,000 each year and CA has almost as many. I figured CA would be too populated.

California has huge mountain ranges and dense forest areas where there very few people. There are a lot of hard to get to areas

I love that part of California! lol.

Where are the bones @janton???? Where are the bones?!?!?

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Great question. No one has ever found where they live or what happens to them when they die. I've heard people say they live underground so that might explain some things. But that's what makes it a great mystery.

A Texas hunter claims to have shot a couple and he was getting ready to take them on tour when some government agency showed up and took them. lol.

There don't seem to have been any Irish sightings. I suppose we're just too sane here for that sort of stuff;)

Howdy deirdyweirdy! Maybe there isn't any areas that are isolated enough, I mean the place is kinda small ain't it? Are there lots of forests there? I just think of rolling, grass-covered hills when I think of Ireland.

I suppose you're right Mr. J. It's such a small country, sure we'd have that bigfoot caught quick smart.
Actually 10% of the country is forest, but I guess 10% of tiny is very tiny.

lol..yes that's kinda small. But y'all have big hearts to make up for the small size of the land. Except the politicians of course, they just have big egos and big greed!

Hope you’ll catch one yourself!

Me too, wouldn't that make for some great posts! lol.

Hi janton, so there is a giant race of people living in different US States? I bet they want to stay incognito, imagine the paparazzi in truck fulls laying in wait for a happy snap of a Big Foot family, lol.

lol...yes, they would have a long wait because Big Foots are very camera shy! Have you heard of any sightings in Australia? Almost every country has them.

No never janton. We have the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, the Big Crab etc, lol. Sorry I am being silly. It would be highly interesting to see if Big Foot could be authenticated wouldn't it? But, I totally agree with them being very shy and for a good reason.

lol..that's so funny...Yes, they are very mysterious. With tens of thousands of encounters they've scared people but they've never hurt anyone, which they easily could have. Some day someone will get a really good close up shot of one of them.

Ah. Aliens on Earth. 😊

Yes, do you think they're real? Even with tens of thousands of encounters and physical evidence lots of people don't think they exist.

I am 'I will believe it when I see it.' 😊

Haha! Oh ye of little faith! lol.

I am a realist - a man of reason, not faith. 😊

That works some of the time until you run into something like Big Foot. lol.

Interesting subject, but the thing that gets me about Bigfoot is that no one's ever found where they live.

What I mean by that is their "home;" their nests or whatever it is that they would make to create shelter for themselves and their offspring. Other animals do. But Bigfoot apparently just wanders around aimlessly and never makes a place to call home.

It also seems Bigfoot exists solely for the purpose of freaking out humans (and deer) that see them as they happen to be aimlessly wandering in their vicinity. The one in the video looks like an ape to me. A zoo escapee maybe?

IMO, the sightings make Bigfoot look pretty dumb, which would totally destroy the theory that they are some offshoot of humans, or that they are part human, if they can't even figure out that it's better to have some shelter or "home."

But there are no signs of Bigfoot homes or shelters or anything anywhere near where sightings are made; or at least, I haven't heard of any discoveries like this. Are there any that you know of?

Very true sir free-reign and it's one of the things I like about the mystery surrounding them. The best researchers say they live underground and a couple of them present a pretty compelling case that they are interdimensional, which would explain alot!
Some sightings are dumb and others are incredible and credible. But with tens of thousands of encounters and sightings, I think it's fascinating that no one can get a clear, good, close up shot of them.

And when the professional Big Foot hunters go out, they NEVER see's like Big Foot outsmarts them...but the regular joe runs into them all the time. lol.

I haven’t seen or heard of any Bigfoot sightings on the Island. It’s strange with all the sightings that no one has a good photo of one. I don’t think I would stick around for a photo if I saw one. 😂

lol..yes, most people freeze in fear and then later realize they should have tried to take a photo. Which is normal, I wouldn't think of it either, I'd just be trying to figure out what I was seeing! I hope I see one here, they can come for a visit anytime.

The Native Americans say they can be very friendly, especially if you leave them food then they will leave something in exchange.

Y'know, I'm of a mixed mind about it. I don't purport to believe we have discovered everything yet, but it seems difficult to believe that we haven't "officially discovered" something that huge. I dunno.

Howdy sir wwwiebe! Well since there's been tens of thousands of close encounters over the years, many just feet away, I have to believe in it but the lack of dead-to-rights physical proof is what makes them so mysterious! They'll get it eventually.

Hi, @janton!

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I think the Rock and Vin are out playing games with you red-necks stay of that homebrew sir janton 🤣 🤣

Lol! Oh, you think we're imagining things here? What about all the encounters and sightings and hair and footprints? Don't you guys hear of creatures like that over there or are they used to seeing you so it wouldn't bother them!? lol.

You red necks drink to much plonk that was me and Rock running around in the bush we get paid to do that...hehe 🤣 🤣

Go easy on that plonk and you and family have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for giving me a good laugh during the year you are the man sir janton 👍 🍷 🍷 👍

Howdy tonight sir hangin! Yes sir, the same to you and the Vin. lol. That's the first time I've ever heard the term "plonk." Must be an Aussie redneck term!

Haha...yep we have some pretty cool Aussie redneck terms over here also sir janton enjoy your Christmas my friend...


Thank you sir hangin. It is a glorious, sunny day here with temperatures at about 72 F or 22C so it's a perfect day. What did you do today?

Enjoy your Christmas day sir janton it is boxing day here tonight i just sobered up from last night and i am out to do it again tonight 🎅 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🎅

lol..what is boxing day, everyone fights each other? Don't over do it sir hangin!

That is crazy! I had no idea there were that many sightings. That deer looks like it is saying, "What the hell is that?" The foot prints and hair samples proves that something is lurking. I wonder what it eats to stay alive? Interesting post Jonboy.

Howdy Janton! There is no way that all these sightings are real. So many around Toronto? yeah right!!! LOL!!! I bet lots of people are playing pranks. Just like with the Crop Circles. Some of them are real and some are man made. However, I never thought Big Foot Is actulay real, but I believe Crop Circles. But the hair samples seems pretty convincing evidence , so I am going be open minded about it. The footprint can be made fake and so is moving tall hairy figure in the woods. I am just wondering, how come no one ever catch one of them. Never mind taking a photo. Don't you think government wouldn't want to know if it really exists or not? Unless they do know and keeping it secret for security reasons. I think that would make sense.

I think the government knows. The Native Americans know too but they aren't telling the white man. The footprints have been studied by anthropologists and many are verified to be real.

No close up photos though, it just makes them more mysterious I think. We've never found any bones or where they live either. A couple of the best researchers say they live underground and some say they are interdimensional and that's why they can't be caught or seen when they don't want to be. So that would answer that question! lol.
I know, I've already mentioned this.

I think most of them are actually Canadians so we wouldn't want to catch one anyway!

Canadians??? LOL. They just may feel safer, here I think. But when you say interdimensional, that really gets my curiosity and I would like to find out more about them.

Well in some ways it makes sense because no one can catch them and no one has found one of their homes and there have never been any bones or graves found. And the professional Big Foot hunters go in with high tech equipment where Big Foot has been seen frequently...they bring in infrared drones, and all kinds of high tech sensors and they find nothing at all, they just disappear. lol.

I do think there is a spiritual aspect to them, not sure what it is but people who see them up close usually talk about a stench that comes with them and people are always terrified out of their wits so it sounds like more of a demonic presence. I don't know, I'm just saying that if they were kind, gentle beings they wouldn't put off such fear I don't think. But who knows.

I am just wondering why they are even here. Altough, they may not be demonic, maybe, they are some kind of earth beings. They may have some specific purpose, and they been here long before we did.

They have probably been here long before us, I have not idea but I'm open to all suggestions and they are so mysterious that I think something is not natural about them, or what we would not consider natural. Like interdimensional travel! lol.

They seem to be here to just live, they hunt deer and eat other foods. Deer hunters have seen them steal a shot deer before the hunter could get to it. lol.

Oh yea? Well, now is clear they are not vegan, so I don't like them, lol. You were probably right, they are demonic!!! The hell with them!!!

Oh yea? Well, now is
Clear they are not vegan, so
I don't like them, lol.

                 - lenasveganliving

I'm a bot. I detect haiku. you have no mercy on them! One hunter claims that a Big Foot grabbed a deer that he was hunting and the Big Foot picked it up and turned it upside down and slammed it down on his knee and broke it's back and carried it off. So...they may be evil. lol.

Hmmmm.....? One Big Foot....?


I guess if they had 2 they would have to rename him/her Bigfeet...?

I like "Sasquabeeeatch"

Isn't that what the Female BigFeets are called...?

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Haha! FL is full of those beasts according to the sightings map. lol. Ever hear of any over there sir krazzytrukker? Did you hit the road again or did you turn lazy on us?

i thought there is only desert in texas

Howdy steven978! Yes most people think that because of all the Western movies but we actually have a very diverse topography here. Thanks so much for commenting.

Great stuff here👌 very informative, as always 🙏 Thanks for sharing.

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Howdy clitadias! I guess you guys don't have these things over there because there aren't any forests are there?

Yes sir😊

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