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RE: Some Of The Strangest Critters You'll Ever See

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Here's another one...


lol! very good sir galenkp! I didn't know how much of one until I read smithlabs post about her, wow!

I know right? Certainly classifies as a strange critter. Although, probably also classifies as a victim of child abuse considering how she's being manipulated.

Very true, totally dysfunctional!

A sign of the times and of peope's inability to seek and see truth.

Yes sir. The majority of people are very easily manipulated by the masters of mass media.

That they are...And most are blissfully unaware of the manipulation...They're willing plugged into the Matrix.

Yes sir, well the Bible talks alot about that in the End Times events and we see how that is possible in this present area and they'll get even better at convincing in the coming years.

People are their own worst enemy at times right? In this information-loaded world it's surprising how little information (valuable information) people have or retain..