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RE: Dog Takes The Bus To Play In The Park Everyday By Herself

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Hi there @janton. What a smart and beautiful dog. I love fluff pieces, I tend to be more comfortable while reading and commenting, don't ask me why.
Enjoyed this post very much...must love dogs!!!


Well most of my posts lately have been fluff pieces. The great nickhavey nicknamed me Lord Fluffton so I'm trying to maintain the title. lol. Dogs and cats are both great but of course dogs are able to do more because of their size.

Did you guys spend the winter or part of it in Florida again? I've been offline so much that I haven't gotten around to visit very many people on steemit. Your country place is a good location to wait out this virus thing.

Hello, yes we just got back a week ago from a six week vacation in Florida. We spent 4 weeks on the west coast , visited my sister in Venice, and a good friend of mine in Sarasota, then a couple of weeks in Fort Myers. The last 2 weeks on the east coast in Daytona beach. The weather was awesome .
It was a wonderful break from the cold northeast.
Seems we got home just in time to hunker down on the homestead to wait out this virus thing that seems to be invading the world. Oh boy!
Hope you are well in Texas. Nice to hear from you. @janton

Howdy today farm-mom! That sounds wonderful, what a winter! And yes, back just in time to be in the country. We're fine. Well supplied but Mrs. J could very well be stuck at work. She works in the county detention system so she thinks they will probably go on lockdown if people don't show up for work which means the people there can't leave!

We're just hoping it won't be months!