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RE: Some Of The Strangest Critters You'll Ever See

in #animalslast year

The horn on that thing—got dang! That’s a pretty big crab, @janton. What do you think of this one?



Whoa! lol..If that's for real then I think it beats all known records sir dandays! I wonder where that is? I suppose it's a google maps photo, then find some strange things.

Yes, google maps found that one. I watched the clip before, actually, but now I don’t remember. That link I sent you says UK but for some reason I thought it was Japan or China.

In the ocean, I remember that part and next to a loading dock, I didn’t forget that part, either. And big... really, really big, big enough to where it might not be an exciting encounter while scuba diving.

Happy new year, @janton. I would say “don’t be such a stranger” but I think it’s too late for that.

haha! no I won't be a strange, I've just been spending most of my time working offline and outside while the weather is nice so I've fallen way off my getting around to steemit posts.