Take a break from this Steem clusterfuck and enjoy some of my cute animal friends.

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With everything going on with Steem, Steemit and the blockchain in general I decided it was in my best interest to stay the fuck out of it. I know nothing, I can have no impact and mostly at the moment everyone is going in circles.

I figured my best course of action is to ignore it all until there is some sort of resolution and enjoy the company of my furry/scaly/feathery friends.

Take a break from the commotion and appreciate some cute baby animals with me.

baby sugar glider.jpg

This is a baby sugar glider who was brought in by a member of the community. She/He (who knows yet) is a little sweetie and the way she clutches onto your finger is oh-so cute.

She will eventually be released when she is healthy enough.

baby kangaroo.jpg

This is one of the resident Joeys who has been with us for about 4 months now. She is eating well and growing fast and will soon be ready to move on to her next home with her brothers and sisters.

We take in mostly pinkies which are small hairless babies, and then raise them until they are around 5-6kg before finding them a more suitable home to finish growing up in.

baby bird.jpg

This little baby bird came to us after being found on the ground by itself. Clearly too young to fen for itself it was brought to the shelter to be taken under our care. Easy to look after you basically just make up a mix of their food into a paste and then mush it down their throat being careful not to suffocate them.

He will probably spend a few months with us until he is ready to leave at which point he will be moved to an outdoor aviary with the door left open until he chooses to move on on his own.

wild koala.jpg

This isn't actually one of our animals, this fellow was just wandering through the property having a look for some tasty gum trees.

Jimmy Possum.jpg

This is Jimmy Possum. Jimmy was one of my most loved residents at the shelter. He came to us as just a tiny little baby but quickly grew to be a big strong confident boy. He would cause havoc when you let him out and run circles around the other animals, sneak into the kitchen and help himself to the fruit bowl and just generally be naughty.

Unfortunately one day, and with no warning, we awoke to find Jimmy had passed away during the night. This was one of the hardest as he had such a personality and had done so well for so long. Only a few weeks away from being released into the wild it was an abrupt end to poor Jimmys life.

I know that for now most of the interest is in what happens with our community and Justin Sun but I think we all just need to smoke a joint and look at some cute animals. Take a break.

peace out


Just make sure you've used up all your witness votes. Pretty much what I did because there was nothing else I could do.

Ahhhh lookit the bubbies, that sugar glider is too cute for words XD

RIP Jimmy :<

So many cool creatures! Thanks for sharing! Definitely have to find time to visit Australia...