Someone is definitely telling them my address ...

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This unfortunate creature came to us two days ago. Herself. It can be seen that the cat was domestic ... I do not know what happened. While I settled her in the boiler room and made an announcement on the local website. I really hope that her master will be found ... This is completely inappropriate for me. I had to relocate my cats Katya and Fairy from the boiler room and now they show that they are offended. But I just have nowhere to place another cat ...




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I guess she won't get along with the other cats... that's too bad, she's a pretty cat!

Today I did not try to introduce them. I want her to calm down, she is very afraid.

Maybe one at a time so she won't be so intimidated. Bruno is doing pretty good- he's going through fearful episodes where he shakes. Usually it's weather related- thunderstorms or even rain or high winds- but now he's doing it on nice days and I can't figure out what he's afraid of.

I hope her owner shows up for you. I know that most cats do not like adding another to the household after it is established. I learned that the hard way. Good luck with the cat.

Thank you:)

Linda ela!!!!!!


It's great what you are doing. I noticed it is quite cold where you are because of a snowy pic of a duck. Where is your shelter located?