Saint Nicholas Day presents for my pets and pigeons' plans 🎁

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In my country, this day is considered a national New Year holiday! In addition, it is believed that St. Nicholas took care of our smaller brothers - animals. Therefore, on this day I always give goodies to my animals. I do not think that they understand the reason, but not one of them has ever refused a treat :)

This year there is no snow and the weather is very spring .... Some of the birds are embarrassed because of this and .... intend to acquire offspring! This is especially true for pigeons. Of course I am against! I do not think that winter will recede so simply and, perhaps, severe frosts are ahead of us. The bald pigeon chicks will not stand this, which means that my room will turn into a nursery for them. This is not a problem, but such birds cannot then live in the wild.





How do you keep them apart?

Everything is simple. In the aviary. In addition, the rook Grachello Gracigliani now lives with pigeons. I tried several times to evict him to live with crows, but each time he asks to be returned to that aviary. It can be understood ... Grachello steals eggs from pigeons and thus solves the problem of overpopulation ... He does not offend pigeons, he is very kind, but a thief ...

Mamas little helper...

In the spring he will have to go to the crows

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