New place for Buba

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Honestly, I can hardly stand on my feet ... In the morning I cleaned cages and aviaries, gave food and water. Today I did not go to the city. I had four days left until the end of the project, but I was forced to take a time out, because a critical amount of problems had accumulated in the house.

Last night, when I returned home, I cleaned up the rooms for dogs, today there was a turn of birds and rabbits. I also moved the little owl Buba into a new aviary. Generally owls cannot be placed in cages. They can injure themselves and their psyche suffers. But it is not always possible for a bird to fly around the room. Then you need a large indoor aviary. Of course, the ideal option for a bird that cannot be returned to the wild is a large open-air aviary. But often after the operation to remove the wing, the bird has a bald side and then it can freeze in the winter.

The aviary in which Buba will live is quite large. I placed inside the tree branches so that the bird could sit. At the bottom of the enclosure, I poured wood filler for cat litter. Owls are carnivorous birds and the issue of hygiene is very important.





Do you mind if I use one of your owl pictures to create some digital art with? I will of course credit you and tell people to check out your page.

Your a hoot how you care for your animals... :-)