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Among the birds that exist in this wonderful planet, the tropics are known as the earthly paradise, the climatic conditions, abundant vegetation and water allow the most beautiful creatures of the earth to develop, the birds are very striking for their shapes and colors, I am not saying that in other areas there are no pretty species, but when you know the bird of today you will agree with me. I'm talking about the Rainbow Parrot, join me to learn a little about this incredible species.


This species is family of the parrots, and the parrots have a great variety of specimens that in due time I will be showing through the amazing nature section, the rainbow parrots as other parrots are known for their exuberant and colorful plumage.


Its scientific name is Trichoglossus Moluccanus and it is endemic to Australia that because of its tropical location has allowed the development of this bird, a few years ago the rainbow parrots were treated as a single species, but taxonomic studies managed to differentiate that there were several species. Their habitat is tropical rainforest, coastal shrubs.


The average size is about 25 to 30 cm including the tail, its weight can vary depending on the species from 80 to 160 grams. Its plumage is recognizable by being very bright, intense blue head, very bright feathers, its wings, back, and tail are dark green, and its characteristic greenish yellow necklace at the nape of the neck where it has a necklace species, its beak is usually black when in the early stages of its life then turns into an orange color when they have reached adulthood.


These parrots have at least 25 subspecies and all but one species suffer from dimorphism being the most robust male in size in contrast to the female.


These birds have the characteristic of being reunited in pairs, other species of parrots usually walk in flocks, although sometimes the rainbow parrots can go to the call to walk in groups this happens in times of mating. But then they will continue in their usual search for a mate.


Rainbow parrots have the habit of sleeping face down.

In Australia there are special laws to safeguard this species, allowing technical breeding for sale as pets, although owners always face the great problem of caring for a bird that is able to open the locks of the safest cages to go in search of freedom, has also brought problems in other tropical countries where their number has increasingly become a threat to other local bird species.


They love to bathe with abundant water and very often.

In their natural state, their preferred foods are flowers of various types, the nectar that they obtain by eating different fruits such as bananas, and other wild fruits, although their tongue is specially designed to collect pollen and nectar from flowers and fruits.


Their life in captivity is very difficult due to the bad practices of their owners who do not give an adequate diet, resorting to feeding them with bread and honey in some cases, or with food sold for birds in specialized places, so they tend to get very sick especially from their beaks and feathers and if it is not attended to quickly can die quickly. This is a danger even when pairs of parrots escape and contaminate other species.


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¡Cacatúas hermosas, gracias por la enseñanza, buen día!

We actually call them Rainbow Lorikeets and they are a pest in many parts of the country.

They have greatly expanded from their natural range within Australia and now dominate many areas, out competing many other native species.

They are a bird with a huge personality though. And are great to watch.

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