With small mouse comes great responsibility 🐭

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Hello everybody!

It's been ages that I've written a post, and today I have a big announcement. Drum roll, please...!

I'm a mom now! No, we didn't plan this.

My guy @Frank and I found a little mouse a few days ago, see posts here and here. Fun times! Go and read them if you haven't, it's adorable.


Huckleberry, Snuggleberry or Snugglebert as we lovingly call him is slowly but surely growing up!
I am very proud that he is still alive, that might sound odd, but you should always keep in mind that our little friend is a wild animal.


Huck is no longer so frantic about milk; he found great interest in nuts. That's why we feed him a mix of oatmeal, hazelnuts, seeds and other grains we carefully handpicked ^^

Nevertheless, we still try to offer him milk every 3 hours and give him a little or extend cuddle. Belly rubs are extremely important; you can use a moist cotton swab for that. Huck likes to climbs in hoodies and makes himself comfortable in your sleeve or a crease to sleep and probably shit in.






Thankfully our sleep schedule is getting back to normal now.

@Fraenk was extremely determined, I, on the other hand, had a difficult time getting up in the middle of the night, being productive and especially awake throughout the day plus be in a good mood.

To hold such a fragile, little life in your hands is exciting and precious.
Huckleberry is getting stronger and more independent every day. His ears are growing! Oh, how fast they grow! He becomes more sensitive to noise and is quicker, quite speedy I would say. You have to keep an eye on him because he is a real whirlwind and snugs away quickly. We have now put him in a larger box, with several possibilities to hide, play and sleep.



He still has the electric blanket, just because we want to spoil him a bit - the perks of being an only child. I will post some updates now and then, cute pictures for the 'awws" included ;)

So, have you ever raised an animal before? Do you have any tips for us? Leave me a comment down below.

Here is a bonus childhood memory video for the feels. Reminds me so much of Huckleberry when we first stumbled over him, like literally.




Didn’t saw your post @hazel420 before, sry me 😢
It’s so nice to se Huck’s progress, you’re doing so good, I think she? is rather happy there with you both.
Glad to hear the news on your sleep routine 😂
You’ll have to be very careful if she manages to scape from her box, it’s so fragile and small...
My love’n hugs to you ❤️

No worries @drakernoise, you found your way ;)
He or she, we're still not sure... time will tell hehe

Thank you <3

Hi hazel , wasn’t he a she hahaha

Hahahahah we are still not 100% sure ^^

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Many thanks to @fraenk for introducing the PYPT crew to Huckleberry last week and giving us an update on your little visitor this week! Such a tiny little thing!

Thank you @thekittygirl :) He was so tiny, literally the size of a thumb! We're glad and very proud he is so fit and happy now. I will keep you updated.

Aww, Huckleberry looks adorable. He grew up so fast. I found the post on #PYPT

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In the blink of an eye... crazy! His head to body proportions are getting better :)

That so cute!! congratulations for such a beautiful creature! #PYPY

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Thank you! We raised him with lots of milk and love!

hey that's cute, so it's starting to eat instead of milk?
found it #pypt discord

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Yes, he is! He still likes to have some drops of milk but nibbles diligently on oats and nuts now. These tiny teeth need some solid food :)

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