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Monday's Freewrite Prompt: Describe A Typical Commute

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It's a long trip, but well worth the effort, once you arrive. There are several ways to get there, but I highly recommend this commute. It really IS quite a spectacular, countryside drive through the rolling hills of this part of the country.

Driving Directions

As you head east out of town, turn right onto West Mundane Road. I'd say for about 17 miles. It's a rather hilly, curvy section, so will seem like a LONG drive, and you will no doubt wonder if you've gone too far. All I can say is: Keep Going!! You'll know you're on the right track when you pass through the small burgs of Predictable, Everyday, and a few miles later, the wonderfully quaint town of Cookie Cutter. Once you pass through, keep on going straight, until you get to the intersection of Stereotypical Road and Model Highway. Take the next, hard right (at the 'airmail' postal box, perched on the 15-foot tall pole), this will be Stereotypical. Once you pass the local Dairy Queen on the left, you'll know you're headed in the right direction.

Continue on down Stereotypical Road for another 20 miles or so. Soon you will come to Particular Highway. Turn left. The intersection can be hard to see, if you aren't paying attention. You'll know you've gone too far if you come to a big wooden sign for Non-Distinctive Lake. If you go that far, turn around, backtrack, and look for Particular again.

Once you ARE on Particular Road, continue for quite a time. Make sure to enjoy the truly lovely drive. The wheat fields surrounding this area are absolutely spectacular this time of year. Such a wind-driven, wafty-wavy forever of deep green, from car window to the very horizon! Spectacular is actually a major understatement.

~ § ~

And on we go. In time, you'll cross the noisy wooden bridge spanning Representative Creek. Once past the creek, keep a wary eye out for Usual Lane. Once you get there, turn left onto Usual, and...this is the important part...RIGHT away, be on the lookout for the 'Y' in the road. It tends to sneak up on you. This is where it all gets tricky. Usual Lane continues on to the left, and the right fork now becomes Prototypical Road. It's easy to miss, if you aren't paying attention. Take this right fork onto Prototypical, and drive for another 6 miles. You're now heading north.

At the bottom of the big steep hill, after the old white farm house with the broken window, you will come to an enormous pig farm. You'll know you're on the right track when you see the large sign up on the barn, proclaiming in bright red and blue letters that this is the home of Archetypal Meats Incorporated – Home Of The Enormous Porker. A true, one-of-a-kind farm for sure.

Once you drive past the rows of pig-wire pig fences, turn right onto UN-Particular Crossing Road. Continue another 7 miles, and be on the lookout for Sameness Lane. You SHOULD see the huge, silver water tower for the town of Quintessential, on the horizon off to the east, with it's shiny blue letters stenciled onto the side. Unless of course, the corn is too tall by this time of year. Either way, you are definitely on the right track. Keep going. Once past the railroad crossing, turn left ontoSameness Lane, then right away take another left onto Distinguishing Road. This bumpy, gravel strip will take you straight into Typical.

~ § ~

Isn't It Amazing

Ah, the lovely town of Typical. It certainly is a uniquely fun place, filled with quaint gift shops, friendly people, and a myriad of highly differing eateries. I'm particularly fond of the homemade pies served at Mabel Madge's Do Drop Inn. They're to die for. The best is the rue-barb strawberry, with a dollop or three of vanilla ice cream melted on top. Definitely not your usual fare for a small, out of the way, Midwestern town. I highly recommend it.

Well, thanks for stopping in on our semi-long, highly unique but extremely enjoyable, Typical commute.


~ Finto ~

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Post: Five Minute Freewrite ~ Monday's Prompt: Describe A Typical Commute

Author's Note:

This is not a true, Five Minute Freewrite. Or even a Standard, 28 Minute- Five Minute Freewrite. So I made up a NEW category. (We seem to be expanding here...). Sorry, couldn't help myself. Sometimes these short Freewrites cause a mental stir, and things take off, and before you know it, I've laid total waste to the little electronic, 5-minute timer. (Mentally, I'm not about to break my friendly, digital time management assistant.) It is important to also note, I do edit these short tomes. After all, that's what this writing thing seems to be all about.

So thank you for reading, and have a most wondrous day, if that seems like something you would like to do. -dds

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Excerpts From Late-Night Conversations With A Mechanical Cat

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Once I saw the "cookie" word my mind started to scream "cookies!!! gimme cookies!" so... I'm reading this while eating cookies! 😅

Ha haa, well good, I'm glad you have a supply on hand. There is nothing in this world like a good cookie. Except maybe large fist-fulls of the doobers ( :
AAMOF, I've been eating some chocolate chip cookies with Ice water while putting this out. Doesn't get much better than that. Just don't don't tell anyone, as this is not part of the 7 food groups we're supposed to be having for breakfast. Cheerio(s) on a Wednesday in March
(Pretty sure those aren't in the group either...)

Of course they are! They are the 6 1/2 group! All sugary stuff belongs to the 6 1/2 group! Me chewing some caramels now cause, why not? Let's be high on sugar while we're trapt in our homes!

Cheerios with caramel sauce and choco... sounds good! 😀

Melt those caramels and POUR them onto the cereal. Get a buzz all day long, and you won't care about any old house-sitting sort of stuff. Though sleeping might be tough about 11:57PM. Then you just get up and eat more cookies ( :
I really like your 6.5 theory, and I'm sticking with it. More Cheerios

It’s great to read your article again…. Interesting and well written, as always!

Ah! I would love to see the fun place of the "Typical" if it exactly exists in real life…. Imagine! I would surely enjoy these amazing things all day long. My most favorite would be the “rue-barb strawberry, with a dollop or three of vanilla ice cream melted on top”. It looks yummy and I would love to try now!

Stay safe and healthy, GFF! ;)

P.s. I have started my first post in Hive now… Just in case, you may be interested to visit my blog there! ;))

Hello, so glad to hear from you GFF. I hope you are well and staying out of the fray. I need to sign up on Hive, haven't figured it out yet. One day soon. For now, I'll keep posting here. It's SO hard to give up on this, after 3+ years. We old fuddy duddies are hard to change ( : But I might still post on both?? I don't know what I'm having for dinner, so how can I make such big decisions....
I would send you some pie and ice cream, but it might be a bit funky by the time it landed. So you have to eat it vicariously for now. Have a nice day, and keep smiling and away from other people. Cheerio(s)

Many thanks for your kind wishes. I’m doing fine and trying to stay safe at home now.

Okay, I’ll eat this special “ice-cream” in my dream tonight. ;D

Ah! I respect your decision, whatever will be, I will support you forever since we are good friends forever! Cheers!

Have a wonderful day and always stay healthy, GFF! ;)

I could go for some rue-barb strawberry pie. Being under lock down I dont think it is going to happen tho.

Ah, if I could, I'd make you one and send it that way. Then again, you might not want to eat it either. Not the best cook on the big old marble. Plus it might be a bit funky, once it got there in the USPS. Hope you are staying well and enjoying some of this stay at home stuff. I'm a bit of a homebody, so not too terribly different for me, except when I need more SNACKS ( :
Did go out and snap some photos yesterday. For the continuation of the Christmas Tree Toss Debacle. I still gotta figure out the hive stuff. I'm so slow at this.
Well, keep it real and stay healthy and happy if you can. Cheerio(s) my friend

Hey - glad to see you're still posting a few stories.

Funny that you should write about commuting. I'm only going in to work a few days a week these days and the roads are, not exactly deserted, but there's nothing recognizable as Boston Traffic. The upside: what was once a two hour drive-train-hike is now a 63 minute drive. It's like driving to a suburban town. The best boss ever said, "I'm not buying a train pass this month. Just take the company credit card and use it for parking when you need to come in."

Now that I have a little time at home I'm going through my bookmarks and working out whether to find people here, or on Hive. What a hassle! But the consensus seems to be migration. Where should I file your bookmark? I don't want to miss out on any of my favorites.

Nice hearing from you. Glad you are still out and about on the site. I post now and then, and will probably go to Hive, once I figure it all out. Would like to still post here too, so we'll see how that goes. About everyone I know is now on Hive. A few peeps still on here too.

Your commute sounds like it got a whole lot 'peachy-er'. That is SO stressful, the whole commute thing. I used to get on a noisy, rather dirty city bus at 4:50 AM (after getting up at 3:45 to ride my bike to the station), ride the bus for 1.5 hours, then turn around and do it again and get home at 6:15. I was ALWAYS tired. Don't miss that much. Though yours sounds worse. That's a lot of time out of the day. Then again, you get to live by the shore. MUCH better than an apartment over the city. At least in my boat house.
I tried to drive in Boston once. That was enough. You have nutty traffic. Even the brochure said: "red lights and walk lights are pretty much a suggestion", or something to that affect. Not very encouraging, and it WAS rather nutso. I didn't try again, just walked everywhere.

Your boss sounds like a real gem. Can't beat that. Hope you are doing your best staying away from the public's up close. I'm trying to avoid getting this thing for sure. Nasty stuff, depending on your medical history.

As for the bookmarks, like I said, I should be on here for at least a time, and am headed for HIVE, once I get some help getting there w/o giving away all my stake I've earned in the last 3 1/2 years. I'm just barely smart enough on this digital airwaves stuff to do it.

Thanks for the note, and compliment, glad you enjoy some of my wordy dalliances. They are fun to write, if nothing else, and keep me up late at night while sequestered. I just got a microphone, to try to read some of these and put them out SOMEWHERE. Not sure how that will go. Well, Cheers on a Wednesday in April.