If the revolution is being televised.. it is not the revolution!

in anarchy •  2 months ago  (edited)


The revolution is already taking place.

But it is not as revolutionary as you may think.

It is more like evolution. Learning.

And even the NWO is part of that - it's doing its job in teaching even the most learn-resistant people. :)

Just remember: If the "revolution" has the tailwind of media and politics, it does not come from the people, but from above.


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HaHa, good point! :-D
Revolution starts with grass roots, without any support from mass media. And I agree, it should not be called revolution. That word is somehow wasted.

isnt every word wasted? at least since political correctness?

nice meme, your work?

I had a similar but lost all my selfmade memes (were on the drive were also 80% of my keys were - you know) also I don't have my windows desktop with photoshop with me..

But I found this meme and liked it very much (cuz I really liked making memes and it reminded me of some lost ones) and had to post it ^^

That´s the reason why I have 2 separate hard drives in my computer. The chance both are crashing at the same time is quite low.


Isnt it really bad if one of those raid drives is fucked?

I'm getting an external one for backing up all that nice stuff ;) and even be able to access it from other devices

Agreed, I love it.

All these BLM slaves didnt read 1984.

Of course not :D

Lol I just called out the 2 BLM supporters on Hive who revealed their bias to the public when they downvoted my post.

I have this new concept called virtue baiting, it's like signaling but it feels more casual like fishing and doesnt lead to inflamed emotions.

tell me more about the concept. I like fishing and also want to stop these emotion-battles

You just say "hello, (describe your appearance). I am happy to meet you."

You can tell from their response if they are bias towards your identity or are pleased to be politely greeted.

I'd be willing to be your just a savage if you would hate a human for being a (insert gender) (insert race) (insert sexuality).

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