Freedom Tuesday #53!

in #anarchy2 months ago

So let's play like we woke up in a free world today.


Instead of hustling from January to April to pay the politicians, we can take it a little easier.

As you can see from the math set forth in this post, we shouldn't be working more than 4 hours a day as it is.
Instead, we buy into the bulls**t by playing the game by the rules set forth by the winners of the 'who will kill for power' game currently passing as 'civilization'.


I mean, can't we find a house for everybody?

There are plenty of empty ones.
14 million empty houses, and less than 1 million homeless.

No, instead you defend crapitalism by telling people to get a job.


Instead of allowing folks to live decently, you want to spit on them, because craptialism teaches you to do that.

If you don't know by now, all those street people out there are evidence that the system you call god's gift to the planet is not working for us all.

Sure, sure, they could all get jobs, if they had housing to take a shower and sleep in, but who is gonna give them that hand up?
You won't even give them a handout.

How is this the best system devised by man?


Because the men devising it are doing just fine.

Who do you think trafficks in humans?
Not the folks living under the overpass, I guarantee.

There is soooo much that goes unexamined in our daily lives.
I've had time to examine some of it, and it has not helped me survive better in this system.
I refuse to exploit the ignorance of my neighbors.

Each and every one of you that continue to play the game are forcing this reality onto the rest of, I, for one, wish you would quit.


It is not ok for these folks to use violence on those folks because reasons.

Get that through your thick skull.
Stop paying taxes.
Stop living as though everything is ok, because it is, for you.
Join us out here.
It is the only way to escape the matrix and its enslavement of your mind, and body.

Nobody rules where none obey!