Market Watch 11/17 Alert

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We are surprisingly in a very different place in the market now than we were just 19 hours ago.

This is the first time we've touched resistance with all those 6-hour candlesticks headed in an upward direction.

We've been at the resistance line for the last 18 hours without being rejected.

We are possibly hours away from a huge breakout to the upside (talking 10k+ for sure). Making no trades based on this speculation but I'm feeling a lot more bullishness than I was just yesterday.

We may see a nice little flash crash right before the spike upward like we did on October 25th.

These crashes seem to get bought out quite quickly.

I wonder which pieces of news will be blamed for the coming movements.

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still room

wiggle wiggle

Haha. Up top you go.


Chump tweeted which caused the market to cry. Orange man bad

(yeah, that's what's going to be blamed)

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Ah, hopefully we get some good price action .

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I guess the bears are not ready to give up at the moment 🙃 wish I had more btc to long from this price maybe x10 ☺

yo dude, do you have ur BTCs on legacy adresses?

cuz I think Core will dump after the halving