Descending Wedge Getting Tighter + Generic Manipulation

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Looks like we're about to see big movements one way or another in 24-48 hours. A flash crash to $7500 is not out of the question, perhaps the spike up really just was news related FOMO. Could be far too early for another crazy bull run so soon to the summer boom.

However, we should all know my stance by now. The alt-market has been suffering this entire time. Many projects appear completely bottomed out. Steem is one of them.


It's easy to think that Bitcoin controls the alt-market, but the alt-market also controls Bitcoin to some extent. To which extent, we will never know. This is a chicken-and-the-egg scenario.

In my opinion, Bitcoin is a more predictable asset than any other asset on the planet. It is only gaining volatility in the face of manipulation by the establishment. Allowing Bitcoin to stabilize would cause a mass exodus from the legacy economy; which in itself, would ironically destabilize Bitcoin. We have to ask ourselves if these movements and manipulations were part of the plan all along, no matter what actions and tactics powerful individuals decided to employ.


The reason why Bitcoin is predictable is that it is the hardest asset on the planet to manipulate. What's gonna happen when these spaceship engines get turned on? They already are on; exponential network effect.






What in the world are they going to do if they can't stop a decentralized asset from increasing in value exponentially?

If Bitcoin never falls under these doubling targets,
everyone must adopt it by default.

The decentralized economy can't be regulated by centralized forces. How many Silk Roads have their been so far? How many Bitcoin-backed free markets exist that we don't even know about?

They may have their futures, forwards, swaps, and options, but none of that works on an asset that continues to double in value every year. The mind boggles at such a prospect.

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doesnt look like any compression/ building up pressure, imho..

Does it ever? These spikes often happen in the face of record low volume. Support crosses the resistance line and then everything goes apeshit afterwards.

aint these super low volume tails and the spike/ dump at the end new?

cuz when the prices where lower, the volume relative to the prices were higher

at least it seems so to me

donwards pressure :D sure u're no boar? :P :D

damn, nice rep you've got :]

I’m intrigued for what will happen. If it dips down I’ll buy in some more, beyond what I wanted. I don’t think we will see a 7500 dip again for a long time so I don’t want to kick myself like I did when I didn’t grab a full bitcoin at 3.5k.

I just saw that the Steem price has been gaining ground despite dips in bitcoin. Certainly liking that!

With the bullish div on the wedge I would be expecting a leg up; but yeah, a peak down below could happen before going up... well, it's BTC! 😂