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Enough of the craziness, I hope to see fans watching the game for now on.
Last week end was loaded with great matches. So far I only see two surprises from the wild card this year. All teams advances will have a great showdown next week. It is getting harder to find the right recipe cause in the NFL you need defense to win a football game. Browns showed it today.

Steelers made a lot of mistakes. At least let's give it to Cleveland making their way to the divisional match up they want so bad. Just in the first quarter Browns amassed 28 points to put the game to rest. Ben did managed in the second half to put some point on the board but not enough for Browns to score more than 40 points. That was Mayfield time to get a win.

Saints did advance since Bears was there for the show. Titans did come with a plan but Ravens always got to play it tough, thanks to Lamar versatility and first playoffs win. Tannehill won last year.
Brady did show up on Saturday night against Washington but they put up a fight till the end.

Josh was the guy this year. He played with poise and hopefully Bills can go far.
Seahawks dropped the ball. I guess Rams found the opportunity to stay on top and minimized Russell play action. This guy is so mobile down the field.


Wherever you go, be ready to watch two games on Saturday and two more on Sunday.
Rams vs Packers can easily go one way. This year Aaron is really good. He is a natural at being a QB with poise. Rams should play their game and allow their defense to push Aaron out of his comfort zone. It will be fun but it is leaning to Packers.

Ravens vs Bills will be a close one. Lamar needs to run and start early. Josh is really awake to carry Bills over this bump. Ravens needs to play great defense. Bills seems determined to advance no matter what. This matchup can go either way. Both QBs are young. This one despite being open favors the Bills with their game and defense willing to impose. Wait and see.

For Sunday we have two monster games. Browns wishes to have a Steeler like Chiefs. This game will be fun to watch cause Chiefs do not play good to close the regular season. Firepower belongs to Chiefs,. Mahomes is the guy that can score 28 points alone in a quarter.
Baker, just do your thing. You win a playoff game and now you will show your move against last year SuperBowl. Good preparation.

Brady vs Brees. This is the game all football fans will watch. I want to say quickly Saints look the favorite from the beginning. Tampa with Brady will have to play a perfect game. Stats wise both QB will play great.
Tampa has the opportunity to limit Saints from throwing long ball.
This game is the Super Bowl of the divisional round.
Happy next Sunday and enjoy.


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