Merry Christmas To All!

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The highest fest!

Merry Christmas 🎄 to everyone. I had a long extravagant post planned for today explaining the true meaning of Christmas, but I just want to say from my family to the Steemit community Merry Christmas.

I wish you all health and success in the new year and I eagerly await to experience our own roaring 20s!


The past year wasn't the easiest for our family but it sure has it's fond memories and we spoiled the kids this year and they were happy!


We had a large feast and plenty to go around. We miss the Americans and enjoyed the Germans.


Have a great one everyone!

Holiday wishes,



Merry Christmas!

You too! Thanks man!

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The presents are quite "mobile" this year, it seems ;) The Feuerwehrauto is awesome!

And my crafting eyes detected a sewing machine, always good to have (and use) one.

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Oh yeah! Kids now have lots to do. The sewing machine has always been there 😁 and gets lots of use! Not as much as it should though, but my wife and I both use it.

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Aww man new bikes. That must have made them excited. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Hope you had a good one.

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They were m, and still are, over the moon! Happy new year!

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It's great to be able to spoil the kids sir badger!